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ABSJ follows the results of Alberta riders all over the world!  We also gather the Longines rider rankings list is released monthly from the FEI, international governing body of equine sport. 



North American Young Riders Championships – Old Salem, NY – August 1-5, 2018

Children’s Team

GOLD – Canada

Bronan – Charlotte McLaughlin

Filia van den Bisschop – Stella Chernoff

Wellington – Eric Krawitt

Chaccana – Olivia Stephenson


Junior’s Team

BRONZE – Canada

Diazella – Anya Bereznicki

Charly – Madison Hilderman

High Jack – Austin Krawitt

Coralissa – Sam Walker


Young Riders Team

4th – Canada

Camilla – Sadie Leon

Caesar A – Emily Fitzgerald

Alaska – Sabrina Lefebvre

Chacco Prime – Alexanne Thibault


Children’s Individual Classification FINAL

GOLD Chaccana – Olivia Stephenson

4th Filia van den Bisschop – Stella Chernoff

6th Concelo – Ava Wong

7th Wellington – Eric Krawitt


Junior’s Individual Classification FINAL

6th Charly – Madison Hilderman

11th Diazella – Anya Bereznicki


Junior and Young Riders Farewell Competition

2nd Akolito – Samantha Starratt




Great Lakes Equestrian Festival – Traverse City, MI – August 1-5, 2018

$100,000 Traverse City Grand Prix

2nd Un Diamant des Forets – Jim Ifko


$35,000 Welcome Stake

11th Valkyrie de Talma – Rachel Cornacchia



10th Celine La Silla – Rachel Cornacchia



2nd, 6th Koko Katinka – Rachel Cornacchia

8th Ubiko – Rachel Cornacchia



9th Ubiko – Rachel Cornacchia




Rocky Mountain Classic I – Calgary, AB – August 1-5, 2018

Some highlights from the week:


$30,000 Friends of Rocky Mountain Grand Prix

1st Terrific – John Anderson

2nd Onyx – Joelle Froese

3rd Romeo’s Child – Joelle Froese


$10,000 1.40m

1st Romeo’s Child – Joelle Froese

2nd WH Coconut – Lynne Stephenson

3rd Terrific – John Anderson


$3,000 Modified Grand Prix 1.30m

1st Liscalgot 2 – Natasha Fiorino

2nd Witja – Isis Landsbergen

3rd WH Delilah RC – Beda Wachter



Champion: EH All or None – Jaclyn Duff



Champion: WH Delilah RC – Beda Wachter



Champion: Fort Knox WF – Karissa Enders


7 year olds

1st Simba – Eric Martin


6 year olds

1st Guinness – Isis Landsbergen


5 year olds

1st Gini Zero Z – Kate Curry


4 year olds

1st Alpine’s Ladybug


$1,500 Solaris Equestrian Jr/Am Derby 3’0”

1st Glory Bound – Deborah Boyle

2nd Nordeney – Megan Champoux

3rd Aston Hill – Martha Hamilton-Lane


Pre-Green Hunter

Champion: Connolly TR – David Crawford


RMSJ Hunter

Champion: Namaste – Michelle James


JC Anderson Legacy Medal

1st Aurora – Hanna Rajotte


CET Medal

1st Castellano – Mikayla Brabant

2nd Zidane – Emma Dunne

3rd Duvel – Hannah Gould


CET Mini Medal

1st Asterix – Morgann Brewster


Jump Canada Medal

1st Cortofino – Mikayla Brabant


For complete results, visit!




International Bromont II – Bromont, QC – August 1-5, 2018

CSI 3* 1.60m Grand Prix

5th Parette – Lisa Carlsen


CSI 3* 1.50m Welcome

3rd Malbec – Lisa Carlsen

12th Parette – Lisa Carlsen


CSI 3* 1.50m

9th Malbec – Lisa Carlsen


$10,000 U25 Grand Prix

10th Aberdeen 33 – Jasmine Wiggins


1.40m Jr/Am

3rd Charissa – Carolyn Anderson

4th Aberdeen 33 – Jasmine Wiggins



8th Charissa – Carolyn Anderson


1.30m Jr/Am Classic

8th Woodstock – Carolyn Anderson


1.30m Jr/Am

1st, 2nd Woodstock – Carolyn Anderson

7th E-Lady – Nyah Chernoff


1.20m Jr/Am Classic

6th Casuality Z – Nyah Chernoff


1.20m Jr/Am

7th Casuality Z – Nyah Chernoff


CET Medal

1st Coco – Nyah Chernoff




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